Email offers Email services through Gmail and G Suite (formerly Google Apps). We will work with you to find the best plan for you.

Individual Email Addresses

For new individual Gmail addresses such as or, sign up directly with Google. If you already have an email address of any kind and want to take advantage of all of Google’s services using that address, you can go to the same page and instead of entering a new user name, select the link that says, “I prefer to use my current email address.”

Domain Name Email Addresses

If you want email addresses at your own domain name such as, you will want to consider G Suite (formerly Google Apps). Google no longer offers a general free version of G Suite, so here are some options:

G Suite for Business is a G Suite Reseller, meaning that we can set up your G Suite for you. We also manage accounts for our Managed Hosting customers. Details and ordering information.  Or send us an email for questions and more information.

Google for Nonprofits
If you have your own 501(c)(3) status with EIN, you may qualify for the free Google for Nonprofits. Check directly with Google and send us an email if you think you qualify.

Alternative to G Suite

For churches and organizations that want only one or two addresses at their own domain name, there is a free option with limited features available through MennoHost Domain Registration Service. Send us an email with names, email addresses desired and an alternative email address for each person. Include any questions you may have.

Alternative domain name forwarding

Another alternative which is free, but has limited functionality, is to set up email forwarding at your domain name. This is a service can provide for domains registered under our MennoHost service.  Send us an email message with names, email addresses desired and an email address to which to forward for each person. Include any questions you may have.

Sample format:

Please note: Although you can receive incoming messages, your outgoing messages will be sent out under the address to which the email is forwarded.